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Perfume to release their 6th studio album in August

In an announcement, which was probably followed up with a fax (because Japanese media stay living in the 80s) Perfume will be releasing their sixth studio album this year and embarking on a nationwide 18 date tour. This comes as no surprise, as its been 2 years since their last tour and album and if they release any more singles with B-sides, there will be fuck all that's brand new by the time the album drops.

I would be excited about this if Perfume had their shit together. But their current string of singles have been dire, their last studio album (whilst not as much of a mess as it probably should have been given the singles) was a mess and the accompanying tour was underwhelming by Perfume's usually exceptionally high standards.

I find Perfume's marketing and PR team bizarre and downright rubbish. A new album and tour was to be expected, but the announcement comes with nothing. It's just an announcement in a period where Perfume haven't been doing a great deal…

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